Bitcoin Trader Review 2020 – Is it a Scam or is it working?

In case you are wondering why traders in cryptocurrency market seem to be making lots of money at the moment, the answer is simple. The market has evolved over the years and there are lots of activities going on. Fintech industry is experiencing a boom while major retailers have increased their capital. There is no other time to take part in what this market has got to offer than now.

The money to be made is no longer exclusive to only investors. This means anyone can make money without any knowledge or experience about how the market works. You only need an automated system to get a share of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Of course, we do understand that lots of trading bots have been released in the past. This makes your task of choosing the best even more complicated. It is the reason why we have decided to release reports about some of the best trading bots for cryptocurrency investors. These bots are tested firsthand to know whether they can help you make money or not.

Bitcoin Trader is the bot we will be sharing details about in this honest review. It is one of the most reliable trading bots we have used in recent times. Keep on reading to find out why it stands out amongst others.


Bitcoin Trader is an automated system which has been created to trade cryptocurrency. It isn’t just registered but also has active license. It is an amazing system that we have been very impressed with given its sophisticated features. Also, we found that its minimum amount for deposit is affordable. Investors only need to deposit $250 in order to start making huge profits within few days.

Due to the numerous reviews available on the internet about Bitcoin Trader, we couldn’t wait to test out its features. People are claiming to make money on daily basis using this system. Also, we found out that this trading bot’s platform is very easy to use. With the click of few buttons, the bots do all the hardwork for you to profit from.

Is Bitcoin Trader legitimate?

Before we used the Bitcoin Trader system, we tried to confirm whether it has been registered or not. We discovered that it has been registered. In other words, it is a legit system that can help you make lots of money from cryptocurrency investment. Below is a summary of what we discovered while testing the Bitcoin Trader auto trading system:

  • Bitcoin Trader has a win rate of 97% which is the reason why investors are making money with it consistently.
  • It has a highly secured system to ensure investments of traders are safe. The system is encrypted with modern technology. There is no need for fear of unauthorized access to your account.
  • Getting started with this system is very easy. The conditions required are opening account (free), making deposit to such account and commencing of live trade.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

This is an automated trading bot which anyone can use to make money from the cryptocurrency market. It is a system that has been developed to ensure that trading activities are automated for every category of trader (newbies and pros). It makes use of the funds in your Bitcoin Trader account to trade on your behalf.

Bitcoin Trader has gotten increasingly popular in recent times and we are very glad about such development. Most people are beginning to discover that it is very easy to achieve financial freedom through the use of trading bots. We are constantly following the trends in cryptocurrency market and can tell that major changes are about to take place. For instance, there is the introduction of Facebook Pay, a digital wallet which is expected to be launched by Facebook. This is expected to be a game-changer. A development such as this will make investors become richer in the crypto market.

Bitcoin Trader is the best option for those with 9-5 jobs. This is because only 20minutes of your time is required to get the bots activated. It is a great way to take advantage of the massive opportunities that the cryptocurrency market is offering right now.

How Bitcoin Trader works

This automated bot works in a simple and straightforward way. It has an advanced algorithm (AI-based) which enables the bots to scan the market for deals where coins can be bought at low price. The coins will then be bought at low price and sold at much higher prices. This is how profit is made.

Bitcoin Trader account registration

Step 1 – Account Registration

Within few minutes, we were able to register an account with Bitcoin Trader system. We only need to submit details like password, email address, and username. After, the information was verified and the account got approved. The reason for opening this account was to ensure that the live trade features of Bitcoin Trader were tested firsthand. In other words, we wanted to be sure whether the claims on the website were true or not.

Step 2 – Funds Deposit

Fundingour account with Bitcoin Trader only took seconds. The payment options available are numerous. We chose the one (MasterCard) that was most convenient for us and made a deposit of $250. This is the minimum deposit amount required to start a live trade.

Step 3 – Demo Trading

The demo trading of Bitcoin Trader was checked by my team. The system has been made available to enable investors understand how trading bots actually work without having to invest real money. We can say that it worked perfectly.

Step 4 – Live Trade

We had the perfect experience while trading with Bitcoin Trader. There were options to select preferred currency pairs like BTC/EUR, XRP/EUR, BTC/USD and others. All we needed to do is click few buttons while the bots handled the complicated market. We discovered that its live trading was very fast as well as accurate.

We are of the opinion that amongst other trading bots which we have tested in the past, Bitcoin Trader stands out. The features are working without any compromise and its platform was very easy to use. We never had any problem withdrawing our profits too. As a matter of fact, anyone can use this system to make money.

Bitcoin trader features

As an investors, below are some of the features of Bitcoin Trader that you will make use of.

Payout system

After the trading session was concluded, we computed our profits and discovered how accurate the system was. Bitcoin Trader has a system that is not only accurate but also very transparent.

Verification system

While trying to get a Bitcoin trader account opened, details provided needed to go through a process of verification. The reason for this is to ensure the system is not abused by bots. It is a fast process though.

Withdrawals and deposits

It is possible for deposits to be made via numerous options provided by Bitcoin Trader. We discovered that the withdrawal system in place is very fast. We were able to process our withdrawals within 24hours. As compared to most of the trading bots we have made use of in the past, this is very impressive.

Service charges

You will only be charged once profit is made after any live trade session. A percentage is charged by Bitcoin Trader system from profits earned. Again, this showed how transparent the system is.

Testimonials page

In order to know more about Bitcoin Trader bot, we took time to read some of the reviews of users who are successful with the system. We discovered that there are traders who seem to be making over $5k daily using this trading bot. This is actually possible given that bots are very fast when it comes to scanning and analyzing without flaws.

Customer support

Bitcoin trader system has an effective customer support department to ensure users are given the best of assistance whenever necessary. We had to test this department to find whether it is responsive as claimed. We are glad to say that it was as efficient as expected.


Bitcoin Trader brokers are available on 24/7 basis. After reaching out to them, we discovered they are licensed and registered. The system is monitored by brokers on regular basis to ensure investors are making profits from their endeavors.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Trader auto bot

We had an unforgettable experience while using this system to trade. Also, we discovered that it is a unique system based on some of the advantages below.

The Bitcoin Trader platform is 100% user-friendly. You don’t need any special knowledge or skills to make perfect use of it. Every Bitcoin Trader feature is not just easy-to-use but also very responsive.

Users can count on the excellent customer support. The team is available on 24/7 basis to help users that may have any challenge. As an investor, it doesn’t matter your country as help is always available.

Bitcoin Trade comes with a demo system. Most auto trading bots don’t have this system in place. This shows that the system is genuine and transparent. The developers haven’t hidden anything about how the bot has been designed to work.

Fast withdrawal process. Requests for withdrawals are usually processed within 24hours. Also, we discovered the system is very accurate.

Powerful investor tips you can use today

In order to help newbie investors make money without stress, we have put together some great tips.

Always start small. The minimum capital you are expected to deposit is $250. This should be your starting point. You can use your profits to grow subsequent investments.

Profits should always be saved. Ensure that your profits are always withdrawn and saved in your local bank account.

Be up to date with market trends. Always read about current happenings in the market. These can help determine your investment decisions to a great extent.

Invest safely. Always ensure to invest your spare cash. By this, there won’t be any hard feelings when losses occur.

Has Bitcoin Trader being endorsed by celebrities?

Lots of people are making claims on the internet that Bitcoin Trader system has been approved by celebrities. There are those who even claimed personalities like Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsey, and Bill Gates support it. Some also explained it has featured on top programs like Shark Tank as well as Dragon’s Den.

After carrying out some investigations, we discovered that none of these claims is true. The system is yet to be endorsed by any celebrity just yet. We can say that Bitcoin Trader is a brand that is privately owned without any external investment.

Our conclusion

Based on the series of tests we have carried out to find out the features of Bitcoin Trader work, the following conclusion has been reached.

Bitcoin Trader is a reliable auto trading system that can help you achieve financial freedom while investing in crypto market. Also, it is a system that will stand the test of time due to its high level of transparency. Furthermore, the system is reliable and efficient given its accuracy when it comes to closing deals and helping investors make profits.

Based on all these, it is easy to conclude that Bitcoin Trader is a system that has been developed to help all categories of investors. Just as investment is super easy, withdrawal process can be done without any issue.

Bitcoin Trader Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to pay to own a Bitcoin Trader account?

There is no fee required to start using this system. Opening an account is completely free of charge.

How much are investors making daily with Bitcoin Trader?

Some users are claiming to make over $5k every day. Most of them are people who started with $250.

Is it possible for cryptocurrency to be withdrawn from a Bitcoin Trader account?

This isn’t possible. However, earnings will be converted into your local currency. After that, requests for withdrawals will then be processed.

Does Bitcoin Trader have a mobile app?

Not at the moment. However, it can be accessible on any browser or device.