Bitcoin Rush Review 2020 – Does It Really Work?

The future really looks bright for cryptocurrency market. Investors have lots of reasons to be optimistic about how events will pan out in coming years. For instance, it has been predicted that demand for cryptocurrencies will surge in 2021. The reason for this is quite simple to understand as big players are expected to take active part in the market.

We are also expecting that in the nearest future, crypto is going to become an integral part of Twitter according to the announcement made by Jack Dorsey, its CEO. He explained that there are plans to ensure cryptocurrency platforms are improved. Top brands like Microsoft, Twitter and others are beginning to consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Of course, this is the best time that such move can be done.

At the moment, new investors are finding it very easy to make money from this market. The reason has been because of trading bots. Although manual trading still seems very effective, automated platforms are leading. This is because the former platforms can only favor experienced traders. As a newbie, you may be left behind.

In order to help everyone make money from cryptocurrency investments, Bitcoin Rush trading bot has been brought into existence. Given this form of platform, everyone has a fair chance of becoming rich. The concept that this system or platform operates on is unique and outstanding as we have discovered after carrying out some research.

However, we have found out that most investors are struggling to make effective use of premium trading bots. In order to help out, we have come up with some of the most in-depth and detailed reviews for cryptocurrency trading bots. We are hoping that with the information provided, you will know how to reach the best decisions while trying to invest in cryptocurrency market.

We have managed to write an unbiased review of Bitcoin Rush. The details provided below are based on our firsthand experience about this trading bot.

Bitcoin Rush – is it legit?

The answer to this question is yes it is legit. Bitcoin Rush has actually been existing for some time in the market. Lots of people are using it to make money every day without any complaint. We decided to check the status of this platform and discovered that it has been registered. This makes it 100% legit and safe to make use of.

Based on our experience while using the automated features of Bitcoin Rush, we can safely conclude that it has been designed to function in a similar way like Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Code. It is not just fast but also very reliable. It is also important to point out that using Bitcoin Rush is very easy and straightforward. Even if you are new in the world of cryptocurrency, making money with this trading bot is very easy. We found out that you don’t need any special experience or knowledge in order to make effective use of this bot. Based on our findings after using Bitcoin Rush, we can confidently state the following:

  • Bitcoin Rush is an automated bot which has an accuracuy level of over 98%. What this means is that investors will always make money during trade sessions.
  • The platform is user-friendly and easy to understand. All that is required is open your account on the official website of Bitcoin Rush, make some deposits and begin to trade by using the bots. Don’t worry as all of such process is completely automated.
  • $250 is its minimum deposit which is low since there are other trading bots which require higher deposits.

Bitcoin Rush – A Complete Overview

There is no doubting the fact that Bitcoin Rush has been a blessing for investors in the world of cryptocurrencies. This is because it has helped many to experience financial freedom. Its trading algorithm is quite sophisticated. The best part about this trading bot is that its features are very simple to explore. You can start making profits today without hassle.

There are lots of online platforms where Bitcoin rush has been discussed over and over. This auto trader has grown in popularity due to its reliability and effectiveness. All the features have been tested by members of my team. This is to know whether they are actually working as claimed or not.

How Bitcoin Rush works

We have managed to closely observe how this trading bot has been designed to work before coming up with this review. We monitored the trade processes closely and can say that this bot has smart robots which can get trade transactions started and completed within seconds. Deals whereby cryptocurrencies are being offered at very low prices are detected. They will be completed with the crypto being held until offers for higher prices come up. The crypto will then get sold to ensure you make profit.

The reason for its high level of accuracy and speed can be traced to its sophisticated algorithm. In order to start using this system, we had to create an account on the Bitcoin Rush official website.

Account registration

The process of creating an account was pretty fast. This process took a few minutes to get completed which was quite impressive. Anyone can easily create an account as it is very easy. No experience or skill is required.

New Bitcoin Rush account creation

In order to open an account, we had to submit details like email, phone number and username. After such, we were then allowed to create password.

Transferring funds into the account

A deposit was required before we could use its live trade feature. We did this through Visa bank card within seconds. With $250, we were able to create a Bitcoin Rush account. It was the least amount allowed to commence a live trade. Being our first time, we decided to deposit $250. It was very important since we wanted to know whether this auto trading bot is effective or not.

Demo trade

Bitcoin Rush has a demo trade feature available. Investors who are new to this software can study its features using the demo trade platform before deciding whether investing their money is actually worth it or not. It has a responsive demo feature once we decided to test it.

As a new investor who doesn’t know much about trade bots, you don’t have to rack your brains about how Bitcoin Rush can be used. The reason for this is that every hardwork will be done for you even in demo trading.

Live trade

We were able to commence a live trade with few clicks. The first thing we did was to adjust the account stop-loss. This feature helps to ensure that loss is prevented while a trade session is on-going. After that, we decided to select top currency pairs to make profits. Our choice was influenced by prevailing market trends.

Once the trading has commenced, Bitcoin Rush started scanning the market for favorable trade opportunities to purchase and resell with the aim of making profit. The first trading session lasted for around 9hours and we made some profits. The reason why we let the trade continue for such time was to find out how the trading bot works firsthand.

Based on our experience, we can say that Bitcoin Rush is the real deal for every serious crypto trader. It can help you dominate the market and make serious money.

Important features of Bitcoin Rush

Automated Payout system

The payout system of Bitcoin Rush is not only automated but also very accurate. It has been developed that after every live trade is concluded, earnings of investors are computed and transferred to their Bitcoin Rush accounts. From here, you can decide to have it transferred to your local bank account for withdrawals.

Verification system

The verification system in place is very fast and reliable. Every information submitted during account creation will be checked and verified for authenticity.

Easy withdrawals

Bitcoin Rush has an easy withdrawal system in place. Funds can be withdrawn within 24hours into your bank account.


The only time you will be charged is when profit has been made on your investment. This happens at the end of each trading session. It is a little percentage though.


Bitcoin Rush has lots of testimonials from people who have tried out the system before. It has a page where investors/customers are given the chance to talk about their experience.

Customer service

There is a customer support center to help out in case you have any issue with regards to using the Bitcoin Rush trading bot. It doesn’t really matter the time you want such support as they will always be available on 24/7basis.

Is Bitcoin Rush genuine?

After using Bitcoin Rush, we have been very impressed with the results it has produced. It is a genuine system which has been created to help investors succeed in the ever-competitive cryptocurrency market. It is easy to use and also highly secured. All the features have been tested and they have delivered. The algorithm is sophisticated and its withdrawal process is transparent as well as fast.

We are of the opinion that Bitcoin Rush is steps ahead of other automated trading systems that are existing online. It is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Rush website into affiliate marketing?

No, it is a software that is aimed at automating trading of cryptocurrencies.

How do I start using Bitcoin Rush?

This is very easy to do. All you have to do is create an account which is free and deposit funds (at least $250). Once these have been done, you will gain access to live trade feature.

Is the withdrawal process fast?

24hours is the time it takes for withdrawals to be completed with Bitcoin Rush. It has a verification system which ensures errors during such process are completely eliminated.